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• Thursday, September 19th, 2013

• Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Try the Diamond Dreams Slots Machine below, and its free to play this internet slot machine:

• Thursday, September 19th, 2013

If you like 3 real slots you can play Captain Cash Slots Machine below for free:

• Thursday, September 19th, 2013

This is a Back in Time Slots Machine called Gonzo’s Quest, and it is a really good game and very popular among slot players. You can play Gonzo’s Quest here.

• Thursday, September 19th, 2013

• Thursday, September 19th, 2013

• Wednesday, August 08th, 2012

Lucky 7 Slots

This is a fairly simple slot machine like the old ones you may be used to. The goal is rather simple, you are going to only need to make a couple of decisions when you try to hit a payline.

There is only 1 payline in this game; the one frustrating thing is that the symbols do not always have to land on the payline. The paychart is located directly above the reels.

You will have the option to choose to spin with 1 Coin, 2 Coins or 3 Coins. The payouts correspond to the number of coins used during the spin.

The only payout that is different is the extra bonus that you will get for the 3rd Coin when you hit the jackpot. Instead of receiving 3,000 payout you would win a 5,000 payout.

How to Play the Game

You can play this game in the following ways:

1) Click on the “Bet One” button to cycle between 1, 2 or 3 coins

2) Press the Yellow “Spin Reels” button or click on the Slot’s Lever

3) You can also press the “Max Bet” button; this will automatically bet 3 coins and spin


Triple 7’s – This is the top prize; if you bet 1 coin, you will receive 1000 total back and have a profit of 999.
Three Stars – This is the second highest prize; the prize is 1/4 of the Triple 7’s or 250 on a single coin.
Three Cherries – Third highest payout; you will receive a profit of 149 times the coin amount
3 Triple Bars – Get this and you will win 100 times your bet
3 Double Bars – Get this and you will win 50 times your bet
3 Single Bars – Get this and you will win 20 times your bet
Two Cherries – The first prize that is worth winning; you will get a 10x payout for this win.
3 Any Bars – The first prize where you will gain little profit from the spin; a 1 coin bet will only win 3 coins back.
One Cherry – Get a cherry on the payline on any of the 3 reels and you get double your money back for the spin

Would you like to play slot machines like this? I would suggest that you try


• Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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Sevens & Stripes

This is your classic “Nickel Slots” game. If you don’t like the complexity of the 5 reel games that you have seen so far, take a look at the ease and simplicity of Sevens & Stripes.

There is only one payline and each payline costs 5

• Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Here is an interesting 3 reel slot machine that you can practice for free. It is called Beetle Frenzy and it isn’t your typical 3 reel game. To start, there are 5 paylines that you have a chance of winning: all three horizontal lines and both diagonals.

This is what I would consider to be a 3 reel bonus slot because of all of the extra features that are involved. If you just start spinning without looking at the rules, you may be confused. Let’s start at the most basic rules and go from there.

You will need to select a Bet Level between 1 and 5. This will be multiplied by the Coin Value which goes from 0.10 to 5.00. If you would automatically like to bet at level 5, click the Max Bet button. Otherwise, press the spin button next to it.

You will need to get three matching symbols in order to win on a payline. The one exception is the Lady Bug symbol, which will win your money back if two line up on a payline. Click on the Paytable button and scroll to the 4th screen to see the paycharts for the normal icons.

If you want to get the largest wins in this game, you will need all nine icons to match. The paychart for this is the 3rd screen on the Paytable button. You can also win if all nine spots are flower symbols or bug symbols.

You can also win a “Lucky Spin”. This happens if you match all four corners or the 4 sides between the corner. You will win one extra spin for each combination.

The Firefly is a Wild symbol and substitutes for other icons to complete paylines. The Golden Apple is called a scatter symbol; if you get two or more on the reels, you will automatically win on your bet.

There are also two special features that you can win. The first is called the Bug Collector. In order to win this feature, you must get three of the Glass Jar symbols on a payline.


The screen will change and you will be presented with 9 cards to choose from. Each card will have an icon behind it. You will win the prize at the bet level that you chose when you won this feature. Avoid getting the card with an “X” on it, because this will end the feature.