• Friday, April 29th, 2011

We can’t host all of the slot machines that you can play on the internet. As of right now, Play Internet Slots will be able to host slot machines that were created by Real Time Gaming and Net Entertainment. We are hoping to find a way to host a practice version of some of the other slots software providers in the future.

But, that is why this section was created. The slot machine reviews are for some of the most popular slot games that we can’t host a free version on the site. To start things off, there is the 3 reel progressive jackpot called Red, White and Win. You can play this slot machine at many of the online casinos that use Vegas Technology software.

The best place to play games like this for real is at GamingClub. The current value of the progressive jackpot for Red, White and Win is over $525,000! That is truly massive for a 3 reel slot machine.


This type of slot machine should be fairly easy for everyone to understand. There is only one (1) payline and that is down the middle of the reels. The paychart for this slot machine is listed clearly above the reels.

The numbers next to the paychart indicates how many credits you will win. Each credit is the cost of one of the coins. In this case, each coin is worth $2.50. The progressive jackpot can only be won by getting three of the U.S. flags on the payline. If you only bet one coin, you will win 5% of the total jackpot. Two coins will win 10% of the jackpot and in order to win the entire jackpot, you must bet the 3rd coin.

Unless you get the Eagle or Statue of Liberty symbols, you will lose on a spin when a blank lands on the payline.

How to Play

Don’t worry about how much you are going to bet; you don’t have a choice to switch the coin value. The only thing you have to worry about is whether you are going to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins on your spin. Each “coin” will cost you $2.50; that means if you want a chance to win the entire Progressive Jackpot, you will have to bet $7.50 per spin.

Press the Bet One button to cycle between 1, 2 and 3 coins. Press the Spin Reels button to make a spin at the current bet. Pressing the Play Max button will automatically make you spin with the 3rd coin at $7.50 per spin.

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